Work Study

Youth Care Worker/Employment Counsellor: Cindy Casson (

Work Study is designed to meet the needs of students 15 years of age and older, in Grades 10-12+, with academic, social, cultural, and/or other challenges. The program includes students who are at-risk, cognitively impaired, hearing/visual/physically challenged (cerebral palsy, wheelchair, autistic, physical chronic health, multi-challenged, etc.) Students are referred by Teachers, Counselors and Administrative staff.

Students are given an opportunity to explore occupational interests, experience the culture of various work settings and obtain “on-the-job” training. Work Experience helps build an awareness of students’ potential in the working world, enhances their self-esteem and master skills. Length of placement depends on the individual student’s abilities and goals. Throughout the 3-4 years of work experience, students will gain an insight into what their strengths are, have an opportunity to enhance present skills and learn new skills. Students are given the opportunity to increase their confidence, build on their resume and network for future job prospects. Students will have a more defined picture of what type of careers are available to them.

Work Study / Work Experience services a variety of Special Education / Alternate Programs throughout the following Secondary Schools:

  • Abbotsford Senior Secondary          604-853-3367

  • Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts     604-850-5207

  • Abbotsford Traditional Secondary         604-850-7029

  • Bakerview Center for Learning              604-859-7820

  • Rick Hansen Secondary                        604-864-0011

  • Robert Bateman Secondary                  604-864-0220

  • WJ Mouat Secondary                            604-853-7191

  • Yale Secondary                                      604-853-0778

Other District Programs serviced (as needed)

  • Hospital Homebound

  • New Beginnings