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Grade 10, 11, 12 students:   Are you currently working in a skilled trade, maybe at a restaurant, on a construction site, in an automotive shop, or in a hair salon?  If so, you may be eligible to enroll in Youth Work In Trades and earn a $1,000 award.

Youth Apprenticeship Registration Form

Work-Based Training Report

In an effort to promote the Youth Work In Trades (YWIT) Program, Abbotsford School District is searching for “hidden apprentices”. If you are a secondary school student working in a skilled trade, you may be eligible to become a Youth Apprentice.  Abbotsford Career Programs also encourages students participating in Youth Train in Trades programs to pursue employment and sponsorship during or after their program.  The YWIT program provides a smooth transition from school to work, and a quicker route to certification in a trade – and to the earning power that goes with it.  You can begin your apprenticeship as early as Grade 10.

By registering as a Youth Apprentice, you will be eligible to earn up to 16 credits towards Graduation.  As well, your employer sponsor will report your work-based training hours to Skilled Trades BC , which can help you towards completing an apprenticeship in a skilled trade.  As an added bonus, Youth Apprentices may qualify for a $1000 award after working 900 hours in  trade.  By participating in the program, you will be ahead of your peers in a career in the trades.

In the labour market, there is a concern about a skills shortage.  Employers need young people with the right skills, right now! There’s never been a better time to explore a career in the skilled trades and technology sectors.

If you are a secondary school student working in a skilled trade, or an employer willing to sponsor a Youth Apprentice, please contact the District Career Programs Office at (604) 504-4618, local 1802, or contact your school-based career facilitator.

For a complete list of eligible trades in the province of B.C., visit the Skilled Trades BC

To find out more information regarding the Youth Apprenticeship Program, visit Skilled Trades BC- Work in Trades