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Strong Finish - Colton Leighton

“The ACE-IT program gave me the opportunity to jumpstart my career at a very young age without the burden of student loans. The day after I graduated from the welding program, I was fortunate enough to receive a job offer in my field. The ACE-IT program m

 Colton Leighton discovered his passion for welding repairing his dad’s skid steer in

his grade 11 Metal Fabricating class at Yale Secondary School. His teacher, Mt. Lehn,

noticed his natural talent and connected him with Mr. Radons, Yale’s Career Facilitator.

Colton completed the ACE-IT Welder Foundation Program at UFV in Grade 12,

earned the $1000 Secondary School Apprenticeship Scholarship, and within a few

days of finishing his certification, was hired by Keller Pile Driving Construction Company.

Earning the opportunity to work on special projects such as the Evergreen

Rapid Transit Line strengthened Colton’s candidacy for a position as an apprenticed

Bridgeman welding on the dry docks at Seaspan.

Getting up early at 4:00 a.m., commuting to Vancouver and working plenty of overtime

isn’t work for Colton. He loves the satisfaction that comes from repairing damaged

hulls and re-welding new supports for ships. “I’ve worked my way up and have

experience now. I have no debt and have been working and earning good money

in this field for over three years. I feel like I’m set.”

Colton is returning to school to earn his B ticket and then plans to join the Boilermakers

Union. Way to go, Colton!

“This program put me so much further ahead in life”