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Amie - Level 1 Professional Cook Training

Not only do I have a solid career for my future, I've made life long friendships and gained skills in more areas than just the kitchen.

Amie, a graduate of level 1 Professional Cook Training, had no idea that her decision to take the course would have such a huge impact on her life. With some guidance and convincing from her Chef instructor, Amie found out about the Skills Canada Competition and was encouraged to enter. She came in first place in the district, and a scout from a local restaurant approached her after the competition with an impressive job offer! Amie went on to compete at the provincial competition and successfully became the gold medal finalist at the national level. "I had so many questions and concerns, but there was support and guidance everywhere I turned." Amie has since established a solid career in the Culinary Arts industry. "Time management, organization, efficiency and perseverance are just a few life skills I've gained....with the support of the counsellors and mentors at Abby senior, I discovered you can achieve great things and push yourself to impressive heights!"