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News: Friday, November 25th, 2016

Vet Rotation Work Experience = A Pawsitively Great Experience!

Grade 11 and 12 students from all the secondary schools explored careers in animal care through the Veterinary Assistant District Work Experience program. Community partners throughout Abbotsford, Aldergrove and Mission welcomed our students again this year and provided our future animal care specialists with hands-on experiences that have helped direct their future career paths. Every week brought new eye-opening adventures as students discovered various careers related to animals.

Dr. Steve Chiasson, from Agwest Veterinary Group, took all our students on a weekly rotation saw them get right into the action, experiencing everything from hands-on acupuncture, to dental surgery, to helping cows with calving troubles. "I always enjoys having students along, answering their questions and imparting knowledge. The students are keen, excited, and inquisitive.  It's great to see the future of vet medicine in such good hands." Clearly Dr. Steve values the importance of helping our youth find their fit and get those interactive experiences with potential career paths.

On other days, students worked alongside Vet Assistants, Vet Technologists and Veterinarians in small animal clinics throughout Abbotsford where they witnessed the diversity of tasks associated with operating a veterinary office. Students soon realized how it takes a team of pet specialists to care for the animal and their owners and observed the different roles and responsibilities of staff in the clinics. They were able to see the before, during and after-care procedures for puppy vaccinations, oral surgeries, tattooing, spays and neuters. Boarding kennel facilities and pet groomers also hosted our students and shared their passion for animals as well as the expertise as small business owners. Some of our students chose to learn about less conventional careers with animals and were paired with zookeepers at The Greater Vancouver Zoo, as well as at the local Reptile Rescue organization. We are grateful to all the community partners who enthusiastically offered their time and expertise to give students a realistic awareness of the wide range of skills and compassionate attitudes needed to succeed in this specialized industry.

"We are glad that they had such an amazing experience, we enjoyed them all. Anything that we can do to help expose our youth into the Veterinary world, we are on board."  - Rena Scott, Hospital Administrator - Fraser Valley Animal Hospital.